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conduct, virtue, splendour and tact, dana (charitable
gitts) and beauty.
35.    Deep in mutual attachment like a  pair  ot ruddy geese
they flourished in the pursuit of many pleasures together
like Indram and Indra, Rati and Kama, Uma and Mahesa,
and Rohira and the Moon.
36.    Finding   his  beloved    particularly   attractive  and  very
closely drawn to him mentally, the king, who was good
at reading (the meaning of) signs, began to wonder
when she would be quick with child.
37.    Then he himself saw in a dream the  lotus-eyed (Visnu)
entering his own lotus-like face and the king awoke
with brightness in his face and still seeing ^ Visnu)
shining ia his mind.
38.    Afterwards the queen, whose gait was stately, bore in her
womb a portion of the discus-armed (Visnuj, and she
shone like the bright digit of the inoon and the eastern
39.    The slender lotus-eyed lady pleased the lord of the oceans
(the king) by attaining a fresh loveliness (in which the
three rekhas stood out clearly in the region of her waist)
in her new condition.
40.    At an auspicious hour when five planets were in the ascen-
dant, the queen gave birth to a son, like !žaci (giving
birth) to Jayanata, Vinata to Garuda, SamjSa to Manu,
and intelligence to prabodha (understanding).
41.    Then Kali fled, sin disappeared, passion subsided, enemy
houses broke ; the earth had her desire fulfilled, iSrl
became resplendent and noble Brahmans rejoiced
42.    The  wise king  bestowed the   name   Bukkaraja on   his
excellent son who was the storehouse of intelligence, had
the good fortune of Budha, was the abode of enjoyment
and was beaming with lustre*